Policies and Procedures


7:55 AM-Students line up at their designated areas
8:00 AM-Teachers pick up their students at the designated areas
8:10 AM-Tardy bell rings-Classroom breakfast begins
8:15 AM-Instructional time begins
10:00 AM-Attendance reminder bell
3:15 AM-Students are released


School uniforms are not required at Bonham. Students will dress appropriately at all times.  No caps will be allowed in the building. 


District Policy states that students may bring cell phones to school.  However, they may not be used during the instructional school day.  If a child uses his/her cell phone, or it rings in class, it will be confiscated immediately and turned in to administration.  Parents will need to come to school to retrieve the cell phone.  A 15$ fee will be charged after the 1st time it is confiscated. 


Each classroom teacher will publish a school supply list on their homeroom web page, found on the Directory Tab in our homepage.  

Important Reminders About Attendance:

- Call in on the day of the absence
-Turn in a note on the day the student returns
- Get a Dr.'s  note if a student is out more than 3 days
-Attendance laws apply to Pre-K and Kindgergarten students
-A parent or siblings illness/appointment is not an excusable absence, unless approved by the principal