For Parents

Parental Engagement Policy Components:
1.  Involve parents under Section 1112 ESEA
-Parents will provide input and serve on campus improvement team
-Parents will serve on committee to develop school parent compact
-Parents will provide feedback through parent survey
-Parents will evaluate Title I Parent Involvement activities
-Parents will serve on committee to develop parental engagement policy
2.  Involve parents in process of school review and improvement Section 116 ESEA
-Conduct annual Title 1 meeting to share input
-Parents are invited to serve on district/campus activities
-Parents are invited to coffee with principal, orientation, and parent nights
-Parents meet with administrative team to provide feedback
3.  Provide coordination, technical assistance and support parental engagement activies to improve student achievement and school performance
-parent portal training
-parent friendly campus web page
-Student agenda/teacher created communication logs
-newsletters:  principal, campus, teacher
4.  Coordinate and integrate parental engagement strategies with programs
-Insync Educational Program
-Positive Behavior Intervention and Support PBIS
-Family engagement meetings-reading, math, science night
-Academic/SEL parent engagement workshops
-Strong Fathers/Strong Families, BOY parent nights
5.  Conduct and annual evaluation of content and effectiveness of parental policy to improve Title I school, Part A schools.  Evaluation will include identifying barriers to greater participation by parents.  Particular attention will be provided to parents who are economically disadvantage, disable, or have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy or are of any racial or ethnic minority background.
-EPISD will survey parents during the school year and campus parental leader will review date to design strategies to increase parental participation.
-Bonham will review results with faculty, staff, and parents
6.  Bonham will build capacity of school staff and parent to create strong parental engagement programs to ensure effective parent engagement to support partnership among school. parents, and community to improve achievement.
A.  Provide parental assistance in following topics:
-state and local assessments including alternate assessments
-Title 1, Part A requirements
-How to monitor child's progress using report cards, progress reports
-Parent/teacher conferences
-Annual Title 1 meeting

Parent Tool Kit:  

Here are some tips and activities to help your child from the elementary through the high school years: