Moody, Carolyn

I began working at Bonham as a third grade teacher.  Through the years, my role has changed.  My job is now Active Learning Leader.  In this job, I have the great opportunity to help  implement district initiatives such as Active Learning and Digital Citizenship.  

I began the position of Active Learning Leader in August, 2015. This new job allows me to work with all students in all subject areas including technology.  I am looking forward to rewards that a more integrated learning environment will offer all of our Bonham Colts!

Our district has revamped its instructional models to meet the needs of today's generation of learners. Unlike many adults, today's students have never known a world without technology.  We  intend to foster and develop their use of technology to learn, live, and work in the 21st century world.

I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Texas at El Paso.  I later obtained my teacher certification for elementary and middle school.  I am a life-long learner. Through self-study and work with others, I learn more about my profession as  an educator everyday.