Jackson, George

studentsLearning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” ~Chinese Proverb


Sometimes when I look out on the young faces that I see everyday, I think of myself when I was that age,  about to embark on a lifelong voyage of exploration and learning.  I remember those times when I was discovering information so cool that I felt my spine tingling.  I recall those times when I felt frustrated and frightened because I thought that new skills were beyond my grasp.  Luckily, I had great teachers all along the way, and I will do my best to follow in their footsteps as I work with the wonderful students of Bonham. 

I am currently teaching fourth grade  Language, and working with students in regular education first, second, third and fourth grade classes with some wonderful teachers.  I am always available and eager to talk to parents---in person. on the phone or by email.  Together we can create treasures to follow our students around everywhere.

Douglas Jackson