Paniagua Debra

Cup Of Pencils.pngWelcome to KB

Hi, I am Miss Paniagua, your child's kinder teacher. I graduated from St. Edward's University, in Austin, Texas, with summa cum laude distinction. After earning my degree, I moved back to El Paso to find a teaching position.  I have spent my whole career here at Bonham Elementary. This school holds a special place in my heart because it is also where I attended school as a child.  I believe that each child is like a sponge waiting to absorb all they can from the environment around them.  It is my duty to provide them with an environment that feeds not only their academic needs but their social needs as well.  I look forward to sharing a wonderful year of growth.

If at anytime you need to talk with me, my conference is from 1:15-1:40. By appointment only 236-8150